Narrative Emergency Kit: How should we prepare for the next crisis?

Brett Davidson | IRIS
Funders, activists and movement leaders need to understand what happens in the field of narrative during a time of crisis and disruption, and prepare ahead of time rather than scrambling to respond after a disruptive event takes place. Here are five factors we need to keep in mind.

Digital Communications Services for Nonprofits

Hashtag Nonprofit offers assistance with digital communications (websites, social media, e-newsletters) for your nonprofit. As a social enterprise, proceeds from these services are used to support development of resources and courses for the nonprofit sector. Click here to find out more.

Featured Resources

Advertorial from Dr Seelan Naidoo | Public Ethos Consulting

The first step to becoming a well-organised NPO

Feryal Domingo | Inyathelo, The South African Institute for Advancement

How to banish burnout at NPOs

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer

Regulations relevant to NPOs

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer

POPIA and fundraising

Advertorial from Thrivepay

Beating the NPO starvation cycle!

Communications Resources

How to host a webinar like a pro

Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement
NPO Inyathelo recently held a free webinar on cost-effective and efficient webinar solutions. The organisation has provided tips not only for other NPOs, but also for other organisations considerin...

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Understanding the mental health of NPOs during the Covid-19 pandemic

Survey finds alarming rates of psychological distress and risk for mental illness within nonprofit organisations Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, South African society has been put un...

Legal Considerations

NPC Advice: What is a 'unique MOI' and do we need one?

Nicole Copley | NGO Law
Many NPCs which are registered in a hurry or without any understanding of the importance of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) of an NPC are often established with the CIPC standard form MOI as ...

Human Resources

Tips for hosting virtual international interns

James Sleight | Hashtag Nonprofit
The Covid workplace has changed the way we think about office productivity. It is now clear that we have many of the tools at our disposal to manage large parts of our jobs remotely. So while Covid...

Tax and Financial Management

All about audit certificates

Nicole Copley | NGO Law
Audit certificates are a record produced each year and kept on file certifying/giving an opinion on the use of funds for which 18A receipts were issued.  According to s18A(2B), a PBO which falls un...

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