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Human Resources

Many nonprofits rely on the incredibly valuable assistance provided by volunteers and interns. But do you have processes in place to ensure that you can support them, while ensuring that your beneficiaries are protected too? Are you maximising the benefits and experience that these volunteers could bring to your programme? The resources in this section explore these questions in more detail.

Crafting a great CV for a nonprofit job

Bruce Tait
Have you ever wondered why you apply for lots of roles, but don’t hear back or miss out on shortlisting? It might be that you’ve got some excellent skills and experience and you know that you would be a great candidate for a role. But that’s just where there may be an issue – YOU know you would b...

How to write a great cover letter

Bruce Tait | Charity Careers Africa
A cover letter can make or break your chances of getting shortlisted for your dream job; however, it’s the area that many candidates fall down on. While CVs are carefully considered and crafted, all too often the cover letter is written in haste and half-heartedly. This does not go unnoticed by p...

[Watch] Volunteers and the law - what to know

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer
This video deals with the legal implications of having volunteers.

Tips for hosting virtual international interns

James Sleight | Hashtag Nonprofit
The Covid workplace has changed the way we think about office productivity. It is now clear that we have many of the tools at our disposal to manage large parts of our jobs remotely. So while Covid has all but halted the flow of international interns to our fair shores, many internship programs a...

Laws related to NPOs and volunteers working with children

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer
Many organisations in South Africa are focused on providing care to children. The provisions of the Children’s Act of 2005 are of significant importance when making use of the services of volunteers in caring for children. Section 9 of the Children’s Act provides that; “In all matters concerning ...

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