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Fundraising Advice

Below you will find advice on various aspects of fundraising for your nonprofit. Experts and insiders offer fundraising advice especially tailored to the South African nonprofit sector.

UK Gift Aid: A great benefit of fundraising from the UK

Jill Ritchie
Gift Aid is one of the greatest benefits of fundraising from individuals in the UK. It is also hard to wrap one’s head around as it’s unique to the UK and those who don’t pay British tax struggle to understand the concept. Simply put, Gift Aid means that when an individual British taxpayer makes...

Is your organisation ready for UK fundraising?

Jill Ritchie
Although UK donor trusts support charitable, developmental, educational and faith-based initiatives worldwide, raising money from these lucrative sources is not as simplistic as writing a proposal or completing their forms, attaching stipulated documents and ...

What you should know before planning a UK fundraising trip

Jill Ritchie
The 18 UK donor trust representatives (ranging from a CEO of a multi-million pound entity to medium-sized trusts and small family trusts) consulted for the book I wrote, Fundraising from UK Donors, were unanimous in not meeting with fundraisers visiting the UK.  Their reasons for declining meeti...

The 10 donor funding red flags for non-profit organisations

Shelagh Gastrow
While most donors make sure they undertake due diligence to ensure the recipients of their funds are ethical, accountable and transparent, it is rare to find a non-profit organisation taking the same trouble to check their donors’ reputations and records. Last month, thanks to the whim of a capr...

REVIEW: Raising funds for your nonprofit through ShopDonation

Ruen Govinder
I registered Hashtag Nonprofit as a cause on ShopDonation and tested their system. Here is what I found.  What is ShopDonation? ShopDonation is a website that uses affiliate marketing, where online retailers pay commissions for referrals, to raise money for causes registered on t...

Beating the NPO starvation cycle!

Advertorial from Thrivepay
Financing a non-profit organisation has always been one of the most significant challenges faced by such ventures. However, leveraging technology to secure recurring donations and automate tedious administration, means that in this day and age, sustainable funding is no secret. “Non-prof...

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