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Embrace The New SARS Section 18A Regulations With ActiveDonor

In this article, we will explore the impact of these changes and how ActiveDonor, a powerful donor management tool, can assist nonprofits in navigating the complexities of Section 18A compliance.

The year 2023 has seen the South African Revenue Service (SARS) implement a set of changes in Section 18A regulations. Effective from 1 March 2023, the new requirements apply to all approved Section 18A institutions. Navigating these changes can be daunting for non-profit organisations seeking to maintain compliance while ensuring their fundraising efforts remain effective.

Changes introduced by SARS in Section 18A

SARS has implemented new regulations that require all approved Section 18A institutions to provide additional information when issuing Section 18A receipts. These requirements came into effect on 1 March 2023. The aim of these changes is to ensure transparency and accountability in the donation process, providing donors with comprehensive information about their tax-deductible contributions.

Impact of the New Regulations

The new regulations have placed an additional burden on Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs), as they now need to gather and include specific information on their donation receipts. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in penalties and potentially harm the reputation of the nonprofit organization. NPOs need a streamlined solution to handle these new requirements efficiently and accurately.

500 hashtagnpo activedonorActiveDonor: A Solution for NPOs

ActiveDonor is a comprehensive donor management platform designed specifically for South African organisations. With its user-friendly interface, ActiveDonor simplifies the process of managing donors, issuing donation receipts, and ensuring compliance with Section 18A regulations.

Instantly Generate and Send Professional and Complaint 18A to Donors

ActiveDonor eliminates the need to manually generate Section 18A certificates. With just a few clicks, you can swiftly generate and send professional and compliant certificates to donors. This means more time saving for your team and a smoother experience for your donors. These professional certificates include all the necessary information required by SARS and can be sent directly to donors, providing them with the documentation they need for tax purposes. Whether it's a regular donation receipt or a Section 18A tax certificate, ActiveDonor ensures that organisations can efficiently generate and distribute essential documents to their donors.

Comprehensive Fundraising Reports

ActiveDonor isn’t just for issuing Section 18A certificates. The platform provides powerful insight with its comprehensive fundraising reports. This feature allows you to track donations and measure your fundraising efforts, providing valuable data for strategic planning and communication with stakeholders. The reports can be customized to provide information on specific time periods, donor segments, or fundraising campaigns, helping nonprofits optimize their fundraising strategies.

Easy to Store and Retrieve All Your 18A in One Place

With ActiveDonor, losing a certificate becomes a thing of the past. Every 18A certificate generated is stored securely in the cloud, so you can retrieve it when needed. This is not just convenient for record-keeping but is especially important for compliance during the auditing process.

Donor Forms to Request Section 18A Information

ActiveDonor offers donor forms that allow organisations to collect all the required information for issuing Section 18A certificates. These forms can be easily shared with donors, ensuring that the necessary details, such as full names, addresses, and tax identification numbers, are provided accurately and without hassle. By streamlining the data collection process, nonprofits can ensure compliance with SARS' requirements and minimize errors.

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Encrypted Donor Tax Information and ID Numbers

In today’s digital age, the protection of sensitive information is critical. ActiveDonor acknowledges this need and prioritises the security of donor data. It employs encryption to safeguard donor tax information and ID numbers, giving peace of mind to both your non-profit organisation and your valued donors.


Keeping up with evolving regulations is essential for nonprofits to maintain compliance and maximize their impact. SARS' new changes to Section 18A have introduced additional requirements for PBOs, creating additional administrative challenges. However, ActiveDonor offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process of managing donors, issuing Section 18A certificates, and ensuring compliance with SARS regulations.

Empower your organisation with ActiveDonor and focus on what truly matters – making a difference in the community. Ready to experience the benefits of ActiveDonor? Explore further or sign up for a free trial today and let ActiveDonor take the stress out of compliance and donor management. Transform your operations and make a greater impact!

To learn more about ActiveDonor and to sign up for a free trial, please visit

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ActiveDonor is a simple way to manage donors, receipts, and Section 18A for NPOs. The software helps you easily keep track of your donors, issue donation receipts and Section 18A Certificates. whether you’re a small non-profit or a large one, ActiveDonor makes it easy to stay organised and efficient.

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