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Events and Opportunities

Decoding IT3(d) for PBO'S: Presented by Turning Point Chartered Accountants (22 and 28 May 2024)

22 and 28 May 2024
SARS has recently introduced mandatory IT3(d) reporting for S18A registered Public Benefit Organisations. Reserve your spot at our upcoming webinar to gain valuable insights and enhance your knowledge as we unpack how this impacts your PBO.

2024 IFC Cape Town Pop-Up (5 and 6 June 2024)

06 June 2024
In association with The Resource Alliance and Relatomics Foundation, the 2024 IFC Cape Town Pop-Up on June 6th will be an opportunity for like-minded individuals and organisations to network, share, and be equipped with tools regarding fundraising and leadership. 

“Tea with Papillon”. Free Zoom sessions on Fundraising. Topic: UK funding for South African organisations (13 June 2024)

Register by 07 June 2024
Join Jill for a free 90-minute online discussion on the oft confusing but worthwhile issue as the UK remains the largest foreign source of money for SA non-profits.

Papillon Press online training course: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to Prove Impact – an Introduction (11 June 2024)

11 June 2024
In this course, Jill Ritchie will demystify the often-daunting world of understanding the basics of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting. Her primary goal is to guide delegates through the jargon, allay fears and overcome resistance to this vital topic.

Papillon Press online training course: Fundraising: an Introduction (25 July & 01, 08, 15 Aug 2024)

25 July & 01, 08, 15 Aug 2024
Jill Ritchie brings her over three decades of successful fundraising and qualifications in both Adult Education and Fundraising Training to this course (presented over four non-consecutive days).

[Watch on Demand Webinar] New Solutions For Old Problems: Tackling Workplace Mental Health in 2023

In this webinar, attendees will be challenged to look for new approaches to our current state of work so they can avoid repeating the solutions that weren’t working prior to COVID-19 and aren’t likely to be successful in the new world of work we find ourselves in now.

[Watch-on-Demand Webinar] How to Keep Donors Engaged With No Time and Limited Staff

In this free webinar, you’ll learn that you do not have to spend a lot of money or time to turn your one-time donors into repeat donors.