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SCAN launches new web directory

Ever wondered what all the amazing non-profit organisations are in Stellenbosch? Are you interested in supporting local causes?

The Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network (SCAN), the local umbrella network of non-profits, recently launched a first-of-its-kind web directory for such organisations the Greater Stellenbosch municipal area. It showcases profiles of socio-economic development organisations working in the area, detailing their focus areas, contact details as well as ways in which the general public can get involved.

Another great feature of the directory is that it is searchable by municipal ward and impact field (ie food security, youth development, education, and so on).Organisations in the sector not yet registered on the website are encouraged to do so.

The website also features information about upcoming events in the sector, relevant news and opportunities in support of socio-economic development, a Government Information Service (GIS) Map of Services as well as an overview on the SCAN Working Groups in the fields of Gender-based Violence, Economic Inclusion, Early Childhood Development, After-care Programmes, Youth Development, Health, Environment, Disability and Substance Abuse. 

The SCAN Website was sponsored by the Stellenbosch Municipality (Grant-in-Aid funding) and the GIS Map by Ranyaka Community Transformation.

“Stellenbosch Municipality is proud to be working with the Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network as a platform to engage with all NGOs working in our local communities, ” says Executive Mayor Advocate Gesie van Deventer.

“The platform does not just provide access to information, possible partnerships and collaboration opportunities, but provides an opportunity for the municipality to engage with this sector. One only has to look at the collaboration during the pandemic resulting in the food provision networks to realise the value of such a strong civil society organisation. Being a member of SCAN is a no-brainer, and the municipality would like to urge all local civil society organisations to join SCAN. Approving the Grant-in-Aid funding to build the website was a privilege, and we look forward to many more fruitful engagements with SCAN. Access to the website is also available on the landing page of the Stellenbosch Municipality website.”

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the website on and get involved in their local community.

About SCAN

SCAN is a member organisation of various civil society organisations (NGOs), local government, business and academia working in the socio-economic development field. The network’s mission is to encourage collaboration among civil society groups with the aim of serving an inter-sectoral common agenda, advancing socio-economic development through advocacy, networking and information dissemination.

For more information contact contact Marli Goussard, SCAN chairperson, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 084 212 2000.


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